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Thread: unable to install cios fix wad

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    Ca unable to install cios fix wad

    hopefully somebody can shed some light on this, I have 3.4U and the only wad I can't seem to install is the fix wad needed to downgrade. I can install wad games and play them, the internet channel, and even install back up channels ( but won't play back up disks), and have been able to install disk dumper and backed up games through wifi. but cannot for the life of me get the fix wad in so I can downgrade. and yes I have tried all wad and custom wad managers

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    Ca been there

    and did that, it worked the first time but not now, I have another post somewhere here explaining the the boat I'm in, have down graded once to 3.2U and gave to kids 3 hours later back up to 3.4U they were srcewin with it, since they saw me playin that way with it the day before, they told me they formatted the memory and let it update, have tried numerous downloads of the custom wad manager but no dice, I can not install custom wads just the ones for the channels, one more thing, any backup will give error 354 or something like that but the backup worked before when at 3.2U,
    thanks for some input though


    maybe I should have somebody just chip it since everything else works right now, any input

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    i just downgraded from 3.3U last night to 3.2U, I had a problem installing CIOS_FIX. The guide said not to use WADMANAGER, but it wouldnt work. So i used Wad Manager and it worked fine.

    As for your backups not working, make sure u install the cIOS installer that is used with the backup launcher. I had to do this after downgrading.

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    Ca still no luck

    I have tried what was suggested but no luck yet, still cannot install cios wads, I think this needs professional help, can anyone recommend somebody in southern ontario (gta west) I would be appreciated

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    talk to Modderman, or Spyman, one might be able to help

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    Ca Attention Modderman, or Spyman

    I need your help, the Admiral says one of you can help me with my soft modded stubborn Wii, please help me to fix it

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    i would try PMing them =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    i would try PMing them =P
    ok will do now, and thank you


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    I had a problem like this and the solution was pretty pathetic, all I had to do was remove the gamecube memory card from the wii. Hopefully thatll work for ya

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