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Thread: WiiMC Freezes when trying to load

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    WiiMC Freezes when trying to load

    It worked perfectly fine before and then today it stopped working. When I go to start it, the loading screen comes up and then it freezes. I went into the homebrew channel and went to the wiimc from there and I get this message "Error: The current IOS is unsupported. Functionality and/or stability may be adversley affected." When I click okay it then starts up the wiimc program, but I don't want to have to go thru the homebrew channel each time. Any suggestions???

    Thank You.

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    you did a update to WiiMC? Did you install IOS58 also?

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    I honestly have no idea what I'm doing so I'm afraid to mess it up.

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    Read here, and make sure you install IOS58 also, because that is what the newest WiiMC requires to run.

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    I did that but for the life of me couldn't figure out how to reinstall the hbc and I don't have a controller to use the bootmi with

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    SD Card/Apps/hackmii/boot.elf

    Extract boot.elf from the HackMii Installer and place it in the hackmii folder (create folder) as shown above. Start the hackmii installer (boot.elf) from homebrew channel.
    Wait a few and press 1. Continue...
    Install the homebrew channel.
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    I don't have the hackmii installer I have a bootmii and I don't have the game cube controller and can't figure out how to reinstall it.

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    I gave you a link to the hackmii installer and exactly what to do... You don't need a gamecube controller to reinstall homebrew channel, you can use the wii remote to navigate.

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    going to attempt it....thank you very much!


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