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Thread: USB Loader GX v2.2 released

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    USB Loader GX v2.2 released

    All in one packages ios222 ios249 ios250

    3.0 forwarder

    USB Loader GX Release V2.2
    - Added game categories and filter games list by categories (Can be imported
    from WiiTDB).
    - Wiinertag support.
    - Supporting arguments from meta.xml on boot (--ios=xxx and --usbport=x)
    (Requires Homebrew Channel 1.0.7+ or
    UNEO Forwarder v3.0).
    - New ehci modules by Rodries with better drive compatibility.
    - Added two new video modes to force progressive video mode, 'FORCE PAL480p' and
    'FORCE NTSC480p'.
    - Added Sneek Video Patch mode.
    - Added new 'Inherit' setting for game settings named "Use global". If that
    option is set then the main loader
    setting is used.
    - Full d2x cIOS support with it's new features (Block IOS Reload, Return To,
    Sector Sizes > 512).
    - Support for sector sizes > 512B with FAT32/NTFS (Requires d2x v6+)
    - Real support for simultanious use of both USB ports without switching the 2nd
    drive temporary off. (Requires
    Hermes cIOS or Rodries MOD of the Hermes cIOS (recommended))
    - Added two new settings menus
    - Added saving of game browser position when returning to USB Loader GX

    - Improved several GUI controls/navigations
    - Changed settings menu layout and sorted the items to their correct place (HDD
    menu, features menu)
    - Set games settings to use the global setting by default, set to "use global"
    to use the main loader settings.
    - Use TinyXML instead of MXML (better XML support)
    - Updated to new libs (libogc, libfat, libext2fs, libntfs)

    - "Return to" option now work for all games, even problematic games like Prince
    of Persia. (Requires d2x v4+)
    - Xflip setting fixed.
    - Fix the parental lock of Individual game settings (Thanks to NJ7)
    - Fix Theme downloader
    - Fixed reset of the loader when loading game with IOS reload and disabled
    WiiTDB titles
    - Fixed timeout timer on startup to count correctly.
    - Fixed reversed disc image download when Custom/Original option is selected
    - Fixed reload of game list after a game rename
    - Fixed horizontal text scrolling
    - Fixed booting games by arguments (headless id feature)
    - Fixed We Dare game boot (thx oggzee)

    R1099 Change Log:
    *Added IOS225 from Rodries cIOS Installer MOD to Hermes IOS types

    New Forwarder V3.0 Changes:
    *added support for ext partitions
    *added support for arguments from xml
    *clean up of source

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    Nice! Thanks for the heads up markie.

    My guide will be soon updated


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