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Thread: <-- Not retarded!!! Need help with bricked wii!

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    <-- Not retarded!!! Need help with bricked wii!

    Hi guys! Bricked Wii problems. Picked this up free from craigslist, trying hard to get this fixed because my little brother really really wants a wii.

    Unsure of any softmods. No hardmods. Wii boots to BSOD. Savemiifrii worked, but cannot load any autoboot discs. Held Y while booting, it worked! I never had the BSOD problem again! It took me to normal Wii menu every time after that. It will not load games. Tried 10 games (all of which work on my working wii), 8 failed to load and gave me disc read error. 2 games the Wii recognized, but when I tried to load, system would freeze immeadiately. Interesting to note, when I would bring up the disc channel on the system menu, and press the + button, it would take me to the next channel accordingly. However, if I pressed - , which should take me to the channel to the left of the disc channel (there is no channel here, right?) it would give me the corrupt system files error. Frustrated, I updated the wii from 3.4 usa to 4.3 usa (dumb? probably... please spare the comments ). I had no problems doing this. The wii would still boot up correctly but not play games. While navigating the Wii channels, I noticed the Internet channel needed an update. Mario did his little dance, but it hung up on the 3rd box (hopefully you know what Im talking about) and he just kept hitting it with his head. I let it run overnight, hoping it would correct itself. Nope. Now Im back to the BSOD. Does anyone know what the hell is going on with my wii? Please help!


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    At a minimum, it sounds like you have a bad drive. And now that you're on 4.3, it's going to be hard to softmod without a working drive. If your intent is to usb load, you could borrow a working drive, get one of the listed games in the Any Wii thread (see my sig) and use it to softmod it.

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    Thanks, Ill give that a whirl. Just to make I have this correct, you are suggesting I swap DVD drives with a working wii to see if that solves my problem, correct? Also, are there known compatibilty issues with older and newer Wii DVD drives? Thanks again.

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    I let it run overnight, hoping it would correct itself. Nope. Now Im back to the BSOD.
    You first have to get past this and that not going to be easy to do with a bad DVD drive. You should first attempt to get into recovery mode using the Savemiifrii method. If you can't then there no since wasting your money on repairing or replacing the drive you have. Even then your chance are slim to none at fixing it since you updated to 4.3.
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    If the drive was preventing the system menu from loading, removing the drive would boot the system menu. Savemiifrii will not work when a bad drive prevents the system menu from loading.
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