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Thread: SaveMiiFrii help

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    SaveMiiFrii help

    Hello everyone! I would like some advice, as i fear i have exhausted all possible ways to unbrick my precious wii.

    A brief rundown of my situation:
    i was on 4.2E firmware, botmii as IOS (i wasn't allowed to install it as boot2, i do however have a nand backup and keybin), no priiloader (i had tried to install it but it gave me a DSI exception, so i quit it in fear of bricking my wii). All was well, i had a bunch of emulators, cfg loader, wiimc, mplayer, mighty channels and many other great apps.

    Unfortunately, i made a stupid decision to install a theme to my wii menu, called Darkwii. I used My Menuify and it said installation is complete. Then exited to the HBC and all seemed fine, untill i exited to the wii menu.. It gave me nothing but a black screen. I powered on and off, nothing (btw, i should mention that the machine does turn on with my wiimote).

    After reading this forum for the past few days (extremely informative and helpful, btw), i read about possible courses of action.
    As mentioned above, i don't have bootmii as boot2 and no priiloader. Also, my black wii (wii sports resort pack) has a dvd drive that doesn't accept homebrew code from the dvd slot. So no recovery disks either (am i right in assuming they won't work on my wii?).

    My last option (i think) was SaveMiiFrii. I disassembled one of my GameCube controllers, inserted it into slot 4 and pressed all 4 directions on the d-pad at startup. Thankfully, it showed 4.2E at the bottom right corner of the screen. Next, i bought Metroid: Other M (that has the 4.3 update) and tried again.
    However the disc does nothing. I can hear it spinning inside the Wii drive, and after a good 30 minutes, i restarted the machine. By trying the GC controller trick again, i was shown that i was still in 4.2E

    Why does it not update? I first thought that i was because M:OM is a dual layer DVD, but my original copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy is also a dlDVD and i finished that game without problems on my machine. So is it because of StartPatch? I had used that app to move the disc channel, autopress A and block disc updates. Does that also apply to the recovery menu? Am i out of options?

    Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post, i just wanted to make sure to present all the details, so i don't waste your time.
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    If the game doesn't run, unfortunately u will have to send it for nand reprogramming.

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    I'm sitting here trying to think of a way to help you. I really dont mean to kick you when you're down, but it has to be said: Messing with themes without bootmii as boot2 or at LEAST priiloader is insane. Ok, now thats out of the way, I can think of two options. Reprogram the nand yourself using your backup and an Infectus chip or find someone to do same for you.

    Best of luck.


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    Nah it's ok, you are correct, what i did was plain dumb.

    About the nand reprogram that you mention, i myself don't have the technical know-how to attempt it, but i am willing to seek professional help. I am located in Greece, is there any recommended modder i can contact here?


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