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Thread: Awsome Idea! Well... Maybe....

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    Exclamation Awsome Idea! Well... Maybe....

    Alright so please be kind and read this through.... I am old on the hacking scene and have not done any reading lately, but I had a brain blast today on a hacking idea.

    On the original Gamecube, PSO: 1 & 2 is used to stream iso games from a pc to a gamecube; however, if the game is put into a wii it does not work. The game does not detect a gamecube BBA so it wont attempt an online connection. Is it possible to edit these codes, using gc-tools and html, in an attempt to trick the game into thinking a gamecube BBA is connected? If so the old BBA settings could be, hypothetically replaced, with current wii wifi settings.

    This would then allow users to play legally owned... backed up games. Who do not have this option due to the gamecubes/wii's usb loader problems. This new ISO could then be downloaded as a usb-loader package, and would allow users to stream gamecube games via their pc. It would also work to load backed-up "Wii games via dvd or usb", so it would kinda be like a universal package. All of this could be put into a SD card smaller than 2gb and run perfectly, and in turn eliminate gamecube/wii compatibility.

    I know this is a stretch, and it might not work, but its just a thought. If there are obvious flaws in my logic...... I do apologize. I am not up-to-date on how a lot of these things work, and I am also super-tired.... this will have typos.

    Also if this is in the wrong section/or is against the forum rules... <-- again my B

    If this has any potential to work....... I would like to be included in the project.

    PS: This information is in regards to how it might work. (Please Note - This is not my original work)

    Part 1: Boot Phantasy Star Online Game Disc <-- in this case from custom ISO sd mount.

    P1-Step 2: Setup Network Profile

    When prompted for the TCP/IP settings, choose manual, do not auto-disconnect, and enter an IP address of with a subnet mask and a default gateway of For the Primary DNS server,

    enter Start the PSUL utility on the PC side with the following DOS prompt command: "psul -s". This

    would make your PC into a sort of Phantasy Star Online game server. Now start an online game using the character you

    chose and the DOL file will upload to your memory card allowing you to transfer game data to and from your PC.

    P1-Step 3: Configure TCP/IP on your PC

    Access the TCPI/IP properties for the network card on your PC and change the IP address to

    with a subnet mask of No default gateway is required for this to work.

    P1-Step 4: Create a Character forOnline Play

    Next, create a character. It really doesn't how or which character you choose. When prompted for your

    hunter's license, enter anything you wish. It also might be handy to select the save password to memory card as

    well so you don't have to enter it each time.

    P1 - Step 5: Start it all up

    On your , run "psul -s" at a DOS prompt. It should then say waiting for connection or something like that

    effect. Next, start an online game of Phantasy Star using the character profile you chose. It will then try to

    connect to your PC. If successful, your PC will display the messages "Saving user info on memory card..."

    ^--- Obviously this step would be different because a direct connection with a Pc would not be required.

    Part 2: Paradox GC Disc Server

    P1-Step 1: Start Paradox GC Disc Server

    Start the Paradox GC Disc server on your PC. Select the correct IP address for the Gamecube and the

    Gamecube disc image file you wish to load. Click start then start an online game in Phantasy Star Online. It

    should connect to your PC and start executing the game you uploaded.

    Please flame me, call me ignorant, or close this thread. <-- Sorry for coming onto here and attempting to help the community. ----> If anyone is interested in helping me with this feel free to pm me, or reply below. Thanks

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    Anyone read this lol?

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    Lol, it's just too much for me to read this wall of text lol

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