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Thread: Hi everybody

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    Hi everybody

    Greetings from the city that never sleeps; New York City.

    I'm a newbie from the big apple who has modded my previous systems, but the wii is giving me the most grief (all this talk about bricking the wii makes me hesitate to install anything good). Thankfully there's such a big community like this on the internet. I hope to learn more about not bricking my wii and maybe making it better than normal.

    3.3u firmware (currently following the steps to downgrade to 3.2)
    wiikey 1 w/ 1.9s
    homebrew channel v8 (keep forgetting to update at my friend's place since i don't have wireless )

    I have nothing else installed yet, but I'm going to try the wad manager and some IOS files after the downgrading the firmware.

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    Hello and welcome to our community, I hope you can find everything you need.


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