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Thread: HBC will no longer load

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    HBC will no longer load

    Whenever I try to open the HBC, all I get is a blackscreen. I tried reinstalling many times to no avail, so I installed the beta9 version sucessfully and attempted to update, but the download failed each and every time. The latest change I made prior to this happening was updating the Wii Shop so I could get the Kirby TV Channel, but it was working fine for a fair while after doing so.

    Any ideas?

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    If you update the shop channel, you updated the Wii also. May have to redo your softmod.

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    I followed the stickied guide to do it, so I'm still on 4.1.

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    OK, have you tried to just reinstall HBC?

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    Yeah, many times. As I said, the beta9 version works, but when it attempts to update the download fails. I've also tried installing the latest version manually and my initial problem occurs.

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    So it the Homebrew Browser not Homebrew Channel itself then? Have you tried an earlier version to see if that worked?

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    Sorry if I wasn't being clear, but it the Homebrew Channel itself - I don't have the Homebrew Browser. Like I said, I tried an earlier version (beta9) which does work, but when I attempt to update it I get an error message telling me the download had failed.

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    If it is working, do not update it right now, may just be something wrong with it, who knows. Other than that, don't know what else to tell you at the moment. I see as the latest for HBC(beta 6) which is in the HackMii Installer, and 0.3.9c for HBB. I would just skip trying to update it for a while then try it sometime later on.


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