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    I just burnt a game and got an error when i tried to use uloader(dvd error -2 if it matters). I have installed the IOS in the softmod 4.2 tutorial. It's when you patch IOS36 I think. I also have cIOS222 for sure. I think the reason for the error is because I don't have the right IOS installed. Is there a program I can check what IOS I have installed and a thread with all the newest IOS? I don't think I have all the right/newest/correct ones installed.

    Currently I am using uloader, but I am about to install neogamma also to test my backups until I get them running. I'm using all the correct media(DVD-R, imgburn, etc.)

    Thank you. I'm sorry I don't know very much about this IOS stuff.
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    a system check will tell you what ios's you have installed
    There's also an error index here, try searching for that.

    But yeah, maui's guide will get you up to date.
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    I couldn't find the error index, but maui's guide seems like the best bet. Thanks guys.
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