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Thread: Help converting custom themes?

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    Help converting custom themes?

    I tried looking around but only found help converting to themes for 4.2u. I am now trying to convert two 4.0u and multiple 4.2u themes to 4.3u. I am wondering this just to avoid a brick even though i have priiloader and boot2 installed. I am using thememii and the I have tried converting the .csm to .mym and then converting the .mym into a 4.3u theme. Will this work, or will it have a chance to brick my wii?

    Thanks in advance to all that help!

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    I say you should try it. But first go onto NUS Downloader and download Wii Menu (Whatever Wii Menu version you have) and check off "pack wad". Then get Wad Manager and put that on your SD Card. (Test it to make sure it works)
    Then put the wad you downloaded on your SD Card also. Lastly install your theme.

    Now if the theme bricks your wii DON'T PANIC!! Put the SD Card in your computer and rename the folder ~bootmii to bootmii. If it's already named that don't worry, leave it. Turn on the wii. When bootmii comes up press the power button once and then the reset button. Look for Wad Manager. Load it and use it to install the Wii Menu wad on the SD Card. Now your wii is back to normal! Yeah!

    I bricked my wii with a custom theme too. This fix works perfectly.

    Hope this helps!
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