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Thread: Wiikey 1, do I need an softmod also?

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    Wiikey 1, do I need an softmod also?

    So Iv gotten my hands on what i Thoght was an non fixed wii, but it was chipped with wiikey 1. Never had a wii before.
    So my plan was to softmod a wii and get an HDD on it, but this chip got me pussled. Should I just use that and in some way get an HDD on it, or is it so old an soft mod is better?
    And are there anything I should be afraid about as in destroying the wii?

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    I personally think softmod is better than hardmod if you are willing to read and follow the guides. Both can coexist and work well together. I would suggest you follow the any wii guide in my signature to softmod and get up and running. The hardmod will help if you want to play backed up disks, but after tasting how wonderful hdd loading is you won't think twice about it. Good luck!


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