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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri Save and Restore

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    Question Monster Hunter Tri Save and Restore

    Wii 4.2U, Hard and Soft Modded, 400+ Hours in Monster Hunter Tri. I would like to know if any has actuall had sucess using savegame manager gx to backup and restore the monster hunter save game. thanks all!

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    You can't save your game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    You can't save your game?
    im asking if anyone has had sucess backing up and restoring the file. My wii is acting like its out of space even though i have moved all the games to the sd card. so i want to backup the saves format the wii memory and restore the saves. im looking for confirmation that this process works.

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    well this looks like the answer....

    Giantpune Utilities, SaveGame Manager, & Shop Findings


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