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Thread: 3 questions. Youtube Buffer issue? 2nd Hand early Wii? USB2 VOB Loading Times?

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    3 questions. Youtube Buffer issue? 2nd Hand early Wii? USB2 VOB Loading Times?

    Hi, long xbmc xbox user and was around when snes and nes and c64 where released.

    reason to buy a wii (cheap) is easy changing ot 50hz Mono to 480p Widescreen + usb 2.0 for Vobs

    1. 2nd hand early Wii's? eg concerns, noisy fan, banned, brink? Store is pretty reliable.

    2. Can I update the IOS58 though LAN? This WiFI have have a usb spare on my moderm but do i need to buy a wii wifi. never used wifi

    3. Youtube Buffer issues though homebrew or Miitube?
    would not nintendo server overload if they convert strream for me?

    also are there any homebrew video streaming channels?

    4. Whats this Brink thing?
    would not using homebrew then using wii online leave a trace of homebrew activaty. example homebrew save left on internal wii memory.

    5 Playback of Vods with Menu from Usb 2.0. How long is that load?
    HDD would be a powered external seagate.
    It does DVDs from hdd in progressive scan (yeah the movie would be progressive)
    Is player decent quality.
    Wii will be Pal. So if i play a ntsc it will be black and white on old 50hz tv.

    6 Basically i just need IOS58 for usb 2.0 , then HBC, then where does WIIMC etc go?
    By the why can

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    To be honest all this is covered in various guides and your questions have been ansered a 100 times. Do I dare suggest that you take the time to read some of the info in faqs and tutorials available on the forum?

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    1) I believe there were some problems with some older wii's, but you'll need to Google for that.
    2) You could even update IOS58 without any internet connection at all. The wii has built-in WiFi, so as long as your modem/router also does, you won't need to buy any.
    3) I never really used this service much, so I don't know. I do know that the service does not go through Nintendo!
    4) Homebrew does indeed leave traces, which cannot be fully removed. This is inevitable. Installing homebrew will void your warranty. A bricked wii is a wii that is not functional any more due to changes to the system. If you follow our guides, the risk of bricking is minimal.
    5) I do not know, I never used these services much. It is slower than a normal DVD player though.
    6) WIIMC goes into the apps directory. You need HBC 1.0.8 running on IOS58.
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