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Thread: newly modded wii questions.

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    newly modded wii questions.

    I ordered a wiikey 2 and waiting for it to come in the mail, in the meantime I have soldered the 7 wires onto the wii needed. I have a D2C wii.

    My question is once I solder the chip in what all is needed to do? I think I have read something about doing something special to make it region free etc.. also all I plan to do is play backup wii and gc games.. do I need this homebrew I have read about (not sure exactly what thats all about) Plus I have read about updating/downgrading your wii to version 3.2, is this needed for what I plan to use the wii for?

    thanks all for the info.

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    Where to start ... after physical installation of the chip

    1. Try a Gamecube and a Wii backup. If you don't have a GC backup, just try an original. If you have questions on ripping or burning an ISO, visit my signature for the guide.

    2. If that works, Visit the WiiKey 2 website to obtain the .ISO chip firmware update / configuration file. (link)

    3. Insert the disc (you'll see that it's in GC format) and launch it.

    4. If prompted, UPDATE THE FIRMWARE ON THE CHIP. You have ONE SHOT at doing this.

    5. When the update is completed, you might end up rebooting ... not sure. Either way, head to the configuration menu. Configure as desired.

    6. RUN AN ORIGINAL WII DISC (FROM YOUR REGION) AFTER. This will lock in the region coding for your native area.

    About the 3.2 downgrade ... visit my signature for the 3.3 / 3.4 Firmware FYI link. It'll tell you why you might not want those versions.

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    Dump & Burn discs | 3.3 / 3.4 Firmware FYI | Wii Disassemble | WiiClip Install

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