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    Well I got hold of a 2006 wii 2nd hand hardly used at all with loads of goodies for the family At xmas
    it's a LEH:170xxxxx with a d2c drive with the wiikey2 hardwired in
    Ordered a wiikey2 over the net on the weekend and it arrived today
    than x to the excellent tutorial on this board stripped the Wii down studies the mobo got everything ready including me mag light (had to blow the dust of it )

    The install went like a dream and had the thing up and running a back-up of Super Mario Galaxy PAL version within about 30 minuets or so and after running the config disk.
    I had one of the yellow sticker wiikey2's did the 6 wire install no probs at all.
    Now just letting the kids play for a bit and then will see if it goes ok.

    it's a LEH:170xxxxx with a d2c drive with the wiikey2 hard-wired in as I have always preferred it to some of the so called easy clips (they had the same on the old xbox ) Less chance of anything working loose in there LoL
    the date of manufacture is 2006 so it says on the wii case.

    Just a question if I can about the config/update dvd.

    I ran it ok at the start with no probs but it did not ask me to update or anything just went to the config menu.
    dows this mean that the yellow lable ones are up to date at this time?
    Also could do with a few pointers on the settings to use as I have looked but can't seem to find a fact sheet on the best settings from top to bottom on here (yes I have looked )
    thanks in advance

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    if it didn't trigger for the update and went straight to the config ... it's most likely already updated.

    The only other way it'll jump straight to the config is if you declined the firmware update. You only get one shot at accepting and I'm sure you would have.

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