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Thread: Need help!!!!!

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    Need help!!!!!

    Just 2 days ago I tried to update my wii with waninkoko's 4.3 updater and when I tried to update it said it failed and when I restarted my wii it was fully bricked luckily I had priiloader installed and was able to restore my wii. Im not sure whats the problem because I need to update my wii because some games when I try to connect gives me an error code 20107. and I cant update it to 4.3 ofw because it gives me an error code 32017. Please help me with the error codes or tell me what went wrong with waninkoko's 4.3 updater.

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    If you have priioader, obviously you have a softmod.
    Therefore you should know updating will not solve any of your issues, just create new ones.

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    As stated, there is never a reason to update. You may need to update your mod, but not your wii. The softmod any wii guide linked in my signature has a section for updating you old mod, you should follow that.
    BTW, you have popped in and out of chat several times, feel free to stick around and ask for help.


    [15:54] <%skellinator> what are you trying to cannect for? not that that helps with the error, just wanna know 8-)
    [15:54] <+fishguy> mario kart wii
    [15:55] <%skellinator> does your internet channel work?
    [15:55] <+fishguy> I havn't used the internet channel in a long time
    [15:56] <%skellinator> did you get caught cheatin online with mario kart?
    [15:56] <+fishguy> I dont kow but i was cheatin
    [15:57] <@junkmail> .fail13
    [15:57] <@Luigi> [fail13] Really? I mean... Really?
    [15:57] <%skellinator> haha
    [15:57] <@junkmail> skell gets the prize.
    [15:57] <+fishguy> so does that mean im band or what
    [15:57] * prko0 (Mibbit@2E5DC30C.3C07186A.C2E60983.IP) has joined #wiihacks
    [15:57] * Luigi sets mode: +v prko0
    [15:57] <@Luigi> Welcome prko0: Title: |New Member| [prko0]| Joined: Oct 1, 2008
    [15:57] <%skellinator> most likely...yes
    [15:58] <%skellinator> thats what you get
    [15:58] <@junkmail> there, yes. from here, it just means you've failed.
    [15:58] <+fishguy> ok
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