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Thread: WiiSX Help required.... please

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    WiiSX Help required.... please

    Hi all,

    A quick note,
    4.1E soft modded using dogeggs guide, external 500gb as fat32, using configurable, and will run and play just about anything i throw at it, inc black ops, iplayer ect...

    I was browsing the homebrew channel, and came across the emulator section, I decided to download the wiisx playstation 1 emulator.

    Placed the correct bios required into the bios folder, on both the external and the sd card.

    Decided to convert my tenchu.bin to tenchu.iso and placed it inside the wiisx/isos folder on the external usb.

    Now if i run the emulator through homebrew it runs okay, I can choose where to open the bios from, and choose where to save to, and also choose which game i want to load from usb.

    Now this is where the problem starts, I have read the wiibrew wiki instructions, now when I go to load the chosen game (which is listed as fully compatible), the psx logo appears just like the original, but then nothing, just a total hang, and the only way out is to press the shutdown button on the wiimote.

    Also if i try to save any settings whatsoever I am greeted with a total lockup of the system which only a 10 second press on the pwr button will resolve.

    Now I just wondered if any one has managed to get this to work from USB, and could anyone please explain (in a shortened way) how they managed to go about it.

    Of course if Tenchu stealth assassins had been released on the wii, or ps3, I wouldn't be here now asking these questions.

    many thanks for any reply's.....



    If anyone is interested I did come across another recompile of wiisx ro 2.1.1, from here
    [external link removed]

    but this only gave same results.
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