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Thread: Help installing USB Loader GX

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    Help with USB Loader GX

    I've just purchased off ebay a white Wii (Model No RVL-001 (eur) LEH21XXXX. It came with 4.3e installed and I followed this guide to softmod.
    Worked awesome and now all i finished.
    I want to install USB Loader GX but i'm getting confused about how to do it. There is a USBloaderCFG on homescreen but I'm unsure about what this does.
    I've looked at the USbLoader GX site but its giving me 3 .dol files to install and I've no idea which to use. Ios222, IOS249 or IOS250.

    I used to have a softmod wii a long time ago and I'm totally out of the scene now. Some help would be much appreciated
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    cfg is another great too.
    {Guide} Preparing and Installing USB Loader GX
    you can use any one of the three .dols, I use 249

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    much appreciated. thanks

    I've Installed the forwarder channel and can get the channel to load but it was crashing at the initialize hard drive part. I knew the hard drive was working as it is booting under USBloaderCFG.
    I did some googling and found that it needs cIOS249, I downloaded a r21 and installed which completed fine. Now the programme will load but it displays "no wbfs or fat/ntfs/ext partition found. You need to format or select a partition".
    Can anyone help? I did see that it needed cIOS38r17 but when i installed this the programme would not load at all and just crashed at the initialize hard drive screen again.
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