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Thread: Without WiiBrickBlocker, can I brick?

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    Without WiiBrickBlocker, can I brick?

    Specifically, the game here is Metroid the other M. That's just if it matters. Running it through regionfrii and wiigionfree has confirmed its NTSC. I'm not worried about that. When I put it in WBSF it runs and copies over fine, still says NTSC. Here's my problem, when I run it through Wiibrickblocker, it gives an error message saying "Metroid the other m.iso is not a valid wii iso". So I can't patch it. I'm running 4.3u. I'm going to play the game through usbloader on a hard drive. So is there any risk of a brick? If so, is there any way to get the game to run through wiibrickblocker? Thanks!

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    WiiBrickBlocker is obsolete and outdated. You shouldn't bother running it through brick blocker. All it does is remove the update partition, which is pointless since backup loaders for both DVDs and USB HDD's, block the updates.

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