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Thread: Wii Bricked because of Priiloader "Boot from installed file"

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    Wii Bricked because of Priiloader "Boot from installed file"

    I tried to make work properly USBloader-gx by installing IOS 249 rev 21 and 250 rev21. I installed them with Wadmanager, I then started usbloader-gx and ran my LEGO Batman backup. Wow, It's working perfectly !

    So, after, I copied the boot.dol in usb/apps/usbloader-gx to the usb/root and renamed it "usbloader-gx.dol". Then, I went in the settings of Priiloader to make my Wii startup with "installed files" and installed this usbloader-gx.dol. (Afterward, I saw that it wasn't the boot, but the forwarder that I had to place there... but it's too late) After, I quit priiloader to System menu, then I shutdown the wii. Finally, I started the wii with the remote power button and disclight flashed only once, no A/V signal, no wiimote pairing, no bootscreen, nothing, with or without sd/usb...

    I have a nandbackup, but bootmii is as an app. I don't know what to do, Anyone knows ?

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    Start wii while holding reset. This should bring you into priiloader where you can fix it.

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    Doesn't work !
    Tried to hold reset while powering it up, tried to hold power 10 sec, tried to start by pressing reset...
    Is there a way to bring my backed up nand without using HBC ?

    EDIT : lol, I retried all these things and finally while holding reset, priiloader start !
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    But now, How do I install usbloader-gx to autoboot ? Do I have to install the forwarder on anything else ?

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    Path must be usbloader_gx. Go here and read the spoiler "set priiloader to autoboot certain app"

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