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Thread: DVDX v2 not found! And other emulator issues

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    DVDX v2 not found! And other emulator issues

    Hey guys recently I installed many emulators, Visualboy, Snesx, and Wii64. To save space on my SD, I put my GBA, N64, and SNES collection on 1 disc. On the emulators I can't get it to work, Wii64 gives me an error saying "DVDx v2 not found!" I might be asking my own question but do I need to put sub folders on the DVD?

    EDIT: I now get the error "can't find directory "/" "
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    No, you posted this before. I mean putting rom on the disk, then running them from the emulator.
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    Did u read the guide? The roms do go on the disk, with the emulators. I'm not sure how to just put the roms on a disc, and play off the emulators from sd or usb. Maybe ask Darcide in his ultimate emulation guide. He's an expert with emulators.

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    i am coming up with the same errors as the op. i believe he is asking if he can burn the rom files directly to a dvd (which is what i tried to do with my backup n64 files)

    i just tried the method that was linked to the video and my iso doesnt come with the 'roms/cheats' in the wii64 folder as others have mentioned. also when trying to add any n64 game to the rom folder that i added it makes the whole iso too big to burn. the version of HBC i went by is the DIY listed here step by step and everything was 99% successful..... except that in the HBC menu when i click the home button i dont have the BOOTMII link, i only have BACK/ABOUT/EXIT TO SYSTEM MENU/ SHUTDOWN (because of this i had to go the optional method for the recovery # and using the xyzzz program) in the upper corner it says im running 1.12 and ios58 v24.32. i have not changed any values and went exactly as the DIY listed.

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    Wow...this thread is 3 years old. I don't know why you decided to dig it up but thread closed.

    P.S. Here's your answer:

    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420
    This guide will let you play emulators from a disk.


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