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Thread: Hermes cIOS Installer v5.1 MOD by Rodries

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    Hermes cIOS Installer v5.1 MOD by Rodries

    Hermes cIOS Installer v5.1 MOD by Rodries (properly releases both ports on shutdown and other fixes). See below.

    Release Notes:
    *Added new EHC module.
    *Added real support of using both ports simultaniously without shutting down the
    other. There is no longer the limitation that the settings have to be on SD card for this. (ONLY HERMES CIOS!)

    Hermes cIOS Installer v5.1 Mod
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    I seem to have forgotton to rename the .dol to boot.dol. Very sorry for the useless bump on an old thread.
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    wait so what exactly is this for ? Is it just for anyone who wants to be able to use both USB slots ?


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