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Thread: downgrader advice

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    downgrader advice

    i done downgrader from 3.4 to 3.2 np .
    i think i seleted wrong wont read my orignal pal games).
    if i done the downgrade wrong region does this mean eg..was pal now ntsc..

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    yes i done with no proplem but ithink when i downgraded i might have seleted the wrong regeion ie pal to ntsc so if i di would that mean i can only play ntsc games not pal ???.
    as i delete the home brew channel and my games are pal and wont read any more .
    so what am asking is. my pal wii now amercia wii (through downgrade).
    2.would a modchip sort this out.(dc2pro).
    3.or guy a wiifix

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    you can just boot in gecko OS, and play all regions

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    yes in contry setting?????.
    but uk seems to have vanished

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    plus no homebrew on the wii as i formated it

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    then reinstall it =P, and try updating again

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    cant my zelda pal (disk not reading )thats why i am asking if i change my pal region to ntsc)and i need a orginal zelda in ntsc or a modchip ????

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    if you can boot a original ntsc zelda, it would help

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    no if i bought ntsc zelda(i only own a pal zelda) would it read it is what i am aking ??? or maybe a modchip if i did change the region when i downgraded????

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