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Thread: Wiikey2 Need to reload every time I change discs

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    Wiikey2 Need to reload every time I change discs


    I have just bought a pre-modified Wii console with Wiikey2.

    The first day I noticed no problems at all with the Wii sports original DVD. I was also able to play a copy of Zelda on DVD+R. so I would say it is working properly

    However, I noticed that if I want to change discs, The console cannot detect the second Disc, this goes for the DVD+R and the DVD-ROM. If I power the thing off then on again, I have no problems until I try to change the discs again.

    Here is the exact sequence

    1. boot up the console and start playing any game.
    2. I am finished with this game so I exit to Wii channel screen.
    3. Eject the Disc, take it out then put the next one in.
    4. I go to the Disc channel, and it says Insert Disc.
    5. Eject does not work
    6. I reload the console, with the power button. Now I can play the game in the Drive.

    Anyone saw something like that before ?


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    still firmw. 3.4E

    First burned wiikey configdisk --> dvd-r single layer (the gamecube type)

    That plays okee.

    Just burned the game twilight.iso --> dvd-r single layer

    Cursor prepared
    disk drive is will not spin up. just opens and closses
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    just join the site i purchased two wiis for my son and daughter for xmas and i put wiikey 2 in both of them one works fine the other is the same as yours plays backups but have to power down to change games.if you find some thing leave me a mesage thanks

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    i recently installed a wiikey2 and only sometimes it wont suck the disk in, you have to catch it while the other game is just taken out or you have to power down the wii and turn it back on to take the new disc. no problems otherwise!

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