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Thread: Guidance needed for slightly unstable softmodded Wii

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    Guidance needed for slightly unstable softmodded Wii

    So yesterday a friend of mine wanted me to mod his vanilla Wii (4.2U) since I've had mine modded for awhile. I followed this guide:

    and it worked great! So it had me thinking. I softmodded my Wii about 2 years ago, but I didn't use this site (didn't know about the site at the time). I did a google search for wii mod and found a site where someone posted a quick and dirty on how to do it. My Wii was at 3.3 or 3.4 at the time, and I think I used the Twilight hack for it.

    Anyways, the mod worked and I eventually got up and running and things were great. But I noticed things were kinda unstable. Like I would launch stuff from Homebrew, quit back to Homebrew and try to launch something else, and it would just freeze up during the blank screen when it launches. I always had to hard reset the Wii to get back in and do anything else. This would also happen occasionally when apps try to quit back to Homebrew.

    The Wii I modded yesterday doesn't have any of these issues, so I'm thinking maybe it's one of the older WADs I had installed on my system that might be causing it. I thought about running through this guide:

    to try to revert back to a vanilla Wii and just start over again with the updated guide/WADs. Then I saw in the guide that it mentioned that you can pretty much softmod over an existing softmod.

    So that's where I'm at in deciding where to go with this. Currently on my system:

    Priiloader 6.0
    BootMii (although this will not run for some reason - I launch it from Priiloader and it just blank screens and that's it)
    No Nand backup (this was not an option back when I softmodded mine, at least I wasn't aware of it)
    Various dated/somewhat current WAD files

    Can I just follow the first guide like my Wii isn't modded and update it all? I'm a bit worried that BootMii doesn't launch as that seems to be an important part if I went that route.

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    You can use same guide to freshen. To run bootmii you need /bootmii/ dir on sd card. Briniging your softmod up to date with the any wii guide is likely a good plan.


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