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Thread: WiiMC & DVD subtitles

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    WiiMC & DVD subtitles


    I softmodded my Wii 3 days ago and use WiiMC to play DVD and .avi files but I cant seem to get the subs to work with iso files or just dvd files. can someone help me with this?

    thanks in advance

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    Movie and subtitle must have same titles.


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    yea I know, those subs work but when I load .VOB files of .ISO files even if they have subtitles I cant switch them on

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    can someone help me?

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    is there no one who can tell me hoe I can get subtitles to work when I play a dvd from the usb harddrive. I cant get them to work with ISO files and VOB files

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    I'm just *GUESSING* here, as I dont use this, but I'll bet that the way it handles subtitiles is different for DVD media vs individual divx (etc) files. The DVD specs allow for titles to be included in the DVD format itself; are there subtitles if you were to use this disc on a standard dvd player? There may be a way you could merge your standalone subtitles into the dvd image ... might help figure what tools to use/etc.


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    on my PC I can go into the dvdmenu or right click and enable the subtitles so they are in the ISO.

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    If it is an iso that has them in there then they should play. I would assume that you have seen the wiimc page that covers the controls, but here it is just in case.WiiMC - WiiBrew

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    finally the problem is solved with the beta from this thread

    thanks for the help!


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