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Thread: Favorite / Recommended Homebrew Apps

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    Us Favorite / Recommended Homebrew Apps

    I am a noob at this and have been reading every install and homebrew article that I can find. Now that I plan to install the homebrew, I was wondering what everyones fave/reco homebrew apps are?

    I figure everyone has the EMU's installed as well as DVDx, but what else do you recommend? Please include links to the download and a description if you could!!

    Thanks from Noobs around the globe.

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    theres only 2 needed apps, and the rest of homebrew is kinda useless outside of patchs =\

    wad manager, which lets you install things to your wii, games, or updates without actually updating


    Gecko OS, which force boots, and cheats games, giving you exact erros and a better idea on if it works

    starfall is a good patch for 3.2

    other than those, unless u want backups without a modchip then gamma, the rest are very useless

    dvd playback
    mini stupid games
    calculator =P
    unless you lack a laptop or something, these are all rather useless

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