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Thread: Forwarder Trouble

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    Forwarder Trouble

    I seem to be having a reoccurring problem with Forwarders. I have carried out a few mods on my wii like play games from hdd guides by dogeggs etc. and the thing that never works is the Forwarders I Install them with wad manger as directed but when I open said Forwarder it just reloads into the wii system menu. Think I should be putting a file on sd card or something but I have tried this and still no luck for example my latest attemp was to get mighty channels Forwarder working i installed using wad manager and put the mighty channels app in the app folder of sd root. But forwarder does not work. Please tell me what I am missing .

    Cheers in advance

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    Did you rename the mighty channels app folder name? Because when it returns to the wii menu it means it can't find the app.


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