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Thread: How to softmod a PSP 2001?

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    How to softmod a PSP 2001?

    Hi, Iīm new to PSP Softmodding (Well, I havenīt tried it yet cause I want some information about softmodding a PSP.) I have a PSP 2001 on a 6.39 firmware (not a custom firmware. What is a custom firmware BTW?)
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    Cfw will alow you to play emulators and such. Homebrew is the main thing. Go to and they will get you set up.

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    Don't apply CFW on your psp just yet. You need a hackable mobo, and psp 2001's have questionable whether they are hackable or not. You need to run a program such as pspident, and see if it falls in the list. I suggest if you decide to hack your psp, start out with a less destructive way than to start out with CFW. This is a HEN (Homebrew ENabler), and is not permanent or will install anything on your psp what can cause harm.
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