European and Australian Wiis get the free Kirby TV Channel

Anyone whoís got an unhealthy obsession with that cute, pink blob named Kirby is going to wish they lived in Europe or Australia today. It turns out Nintendo is going to release a new Wii channel in those two regions. Itís free, and called the Kirby TV Channel. I bet you can see where this is going.
The Kirby TV Channel will, appropriately enough, only show Kirby cartoons. Remember that series called Kirby: Right Back At Ya! (Hoshi no Kirby in Japan)? Well, thatís what people will get to see for free once they download the channel from the Wii Shop Channel. The service will always have episode one available to watch, but the rest of the episodes will be circulated. Each week there will be a new (to the channel) episode released on Mondays and Thursdays. After the episodes have been on the channel for two weeks, theyíll be removed. The episodes will be streamed, so youíll always have up to four to choose from, when you load it up.
Donít get too attached to The Kirby TV Channel though. It isnít going to be around forever. Nintendo has stated that the channel will only be updated through December 2011. Thereís no word on what happens after December yet. Perhaps the channel will remain, but the update schedule will be adjusted.
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! was first released in Japan in 2001 and had 100 episodes that ran until 2003. Itís since been aired around the world in multiple languages. The series follows Kirby, who crashed down in Dream Land on Pop Star. A demon named Nightmare has been terrorizing the galaxy for years, only held back by Star Warriors, of which Meta Knight is the last. Dream Land has always heard a Star Warrior would come to save them, and they figure little baby Kirby is it. So he and Tiff, Tuff, Fololo and Falala get into all kinds of adventures. Meanwhile, King Dedede is jealous of Kirby, the newfound star/hero of Pop Star, and is constantly scheming to get him to leave.

Pic of the channel.

That's right! This is just for the PAL region!
Downloaded this from the Shop Channel today,
and my son loves it! And it's FREE!