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Thread: Best DVDs to use for Wiikey

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    Best DVDs to use for Wiikey


    I got a wiikey recently and some of my media works and the last two didn't...

    Any suggestions on what type of dvd-r's or dvd+r's i should be buying?


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    I hear the wii is pretty picky... but my friend picked up a 100 pack of imation discs for about $20 and they worked just fine.

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    i have used Sony or Maxell DVDs and have never had a problem. Just make sure you don't burn to fast.

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    I picked up the same ones.. .Imation...100 Pack.

    I have not had a problem with these discs.. i have had it give me a read error right when the game starts once or twice, however rebooting the unit and starting it back up worked....

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    where did you guys get theses discs, i need some

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    You can get them at Best Buy / Futureshop....


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