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Thread: [PSP GUIDE] How to play your PSX games on your PSP!

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    [PSP GUIDE] How to play your PSX games on your PSP!

    This guide is to tell you how to use Popsloader, how to rip your PSX games, and how to convert your PSX games to PSP eboots. I hope you enjoy this guide, as I much as I enjoyed
    playing Final Fantasy 7 on my PSP.

    PLEASE NOTE: The program we are using is called RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00 and that is because all other programs require an base eboot and keys.bin, and I do not wish to

    fandoogle with it and the issues around it. RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00 does not require the said files.





    ANOTHER NOTE: I use notes a lot in this guide, they just tell you what may/what i noticed.

    A THIRD NOTE: I say .bin's for the entire guide, but you do not have to use .bin's, you can use .iso's or any other files you have.
    A PSP with pops support. Most CFW has it, and I heard 6.20 TN-D also has it (or is supposed to). OFW WILL NOT WORK! Note: 6.20 TN-D may or may not work with this plugin.
    A USB cable for said PSP
    A computer
    An internet connection to download files necesary for the guide
    Somewhat of a brain (sorry Joostin)[/spoiler]
    [spoiler=Files that we are going to use]
    Extract each and every one of theese to a safe location, be sure you install imgburn, if not already on. There will be links when needed to download them, but you can download
    them now if you wish.
    Imgburn, for ripping your games, of course
    RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00, for converting your psx rips into eboots!
    Popsloader, to load almost every psx game possible! (disclaimer: A certain few do not work, and will not work. I am sorry check here prior to starting the compatiblity list
    [spoiler=Ripping your PSX games]
    Step one:
    Download Imgburn, Install, then turn on Imgburn, and insert your PSX disk into your drive.

    Step two:
    -Now, click on the spot of image burn that says "Create image files from disk" it has a picture of a disk pointing to a file with a disc on it.
    -Up top, pick the drive you inserted the disk into, incase you have more than one drive.
    -In the label section, it should say the name of the disk you are going to rip.
    -Go to "Destination" and click on the little folder with a magnifying glass, and pick somewhere that you can easily access.
    -Now, click on the same icon you did to go to this option, to start the ripping process. It will take about 5-10 minutes.

    [spoiler=Turning your .bin's into eboots!]
    NOTE: Before begining, you should take a look at the compatiblity list and see if it says

    to do anything special to your eboot.
    Step one:
    -Download RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00, and extract it somewhere safe.

    Step two:
    -Turn on RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00, and wait for further instruction.

    NOTE: The rest will be done with a screen shot that I numbered. Then I will have the numbers, and a description of what they do.

    Step Three:
    -Click on the box that has the "3" its on the top, and it says "Settings".
    -Go to number of CD's and check how many you are combining.
    -For example, if did Final Fantasy 7, you picked "3".

    Step Four:
    -Go to the box with the "4" inside of it. Select "browse" and find your .bin, you may have troubles if you do not put all of the .bins in the right order, i have not tried, seems like wasted

    time to me.

    Step Five:
    -Now, look at the box that says "5". Click the giant box that says choose, and type in your game name, then click search.
    -Find it on the list, and select it and press OK. (multi disk games have the same ID)

    Step Six:
    -Make sure each one of theese boxes say nine, it has no ill effects just makes your eboot smaller saving you save on your memory card
    -If it doesn't say nine, make it say nine.

    Step Seven:
    -Select an output directory, select the box that says browse and pick a spot.
    -NOTE: unless you change it in the settings, it will save JUST an eboot, no folder. Save it somewhere where you can find it.

    Step Eight:
    -Later addition. (not vital to anyone's importance, it makes your eboot look pretty on your XMB. It's pretty self explanitory once you click on it, it also will tell you what you need when

    you click on the help box.

    Step Nine:
    -Probably won't cover this, just make your doc's if you want to, it only allows pictures for it.

    Step Ten:
    -Click on the make box, and let it do its magic.

    Step Eleven:
    -Connect your PSP to your computer.
    -View it, and go to PSP>GAME and then make a folder with the name of your game.
    -Now copy the Eboot you just made, and place it in the folder you just made.
    -NOTE: It may or may not play how it is installed right now, leave your PSP connected and go onto part three.
    -Popsloader is a vital tool when it comes to playing PSX eboots.

    [spoiler=Installing POPSloader]

    Step one:
    -Download Popsloader easy installer.
    -NOTE: We are using the installer, because it saves YOU a giant hassle, and it saves you 50% time downloading it then just a ZIP with the files, It saves you like 80% time then doing

    it the stock way.

    Step two:
    Run the installer, you can tell it to directly install to your PSP, just target it to the root of your PSP.
    -However, you may also tell it you install somewhere else, and copy the required files.
    -However you wish to do it, we are not responsible for lost files.

    Step Three:
    -You may now remove your PSP from the computer, make sure that POPSloader is activated in your recovery menu.
    -If you are using TN-D make sure the text document that says POPS in the "seplugins" of your PSP has a "1" next to it.
    -Those who do not have a POPS text document, create one, it should say
    ms0:/seplugins/popsloader.prx 1
    Step Four:
    -Now you may load up your Eboot, and it will ask you for which POPS to use.
    -Refer to the compatiblity list to pick which pops to use.
    -Or you can test it out on your own, if you encounter a problem, go to home.
    -Restart your game and while the game is turning on HOLD the RIGHT Trigger.
    -Now, you can rechoose. Have FUN!

    [spoiler=Whats this POPSLoader doohicky do?]
    Simple. Some version of OFW had integrated POPS support for the games downloaded on PSN. POPSLoader allows you to use all of the POPS from previous firmwares, that improved on anything. The long way to get POPSLoader to work is to extract each OFW and take the required POPS support out of them. I was lazy, so i found an alternative route to
    do it. I found to ways, one is download a folder with all of the POPS support in it, a 30mb download. The other way, used in this guide is a handy dandy installer that is only a 15mb
    download, saving you time.[/spoiler]

    [spoiler=I don't like the X of RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00]
    There are other programs, but you need the base eboot, and keys.bin so i will not cover them, unless i get the go ahead. I have tried two others which are:
    PSX2PSP have a really nice GUI, if you do theme mode.
    Autopopsloader is all done through a command prompt, no nice GUI, and it is harder to use.

    [spoiler=Thanks to:]
    This site for being cool.
    Sony for making us this device capable of this magnitude of homebrew.
    Dark-AleX for making popsloader and CFW (he made the original program to make PSX eboots, and possibly the plugin.)
    Hellcat for his recovery flasher, without it my PSP would still be on TN-D
    WhiteShad0wX for his guide on 6.XX PSP Guide Without it i would still have a PSP with
    Members of Daedalus 64 IRC (the N64 emulator) for helping me all around in my PSP, specifically re4thewin, and their awesome emulator.
    My Consoles 4.1U Bootmii/Boot2 PSP1001Phat PS3Slim 120gb

    Useful Links:
    Softmod ANY Wii
    Latest Neogamma Channels
    Please hit the thanks button if I help you.

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    Nice guide Linkzor. Moved to PSP section.

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    I have a PSP3000 with 6.60 PRO CFW, will this work for me? I am having some compatibility issues on a few games so I think I need to try Popsloader to try different pops versions.


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