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Thread: wii works, no video, installed wrong iso???help

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    wii works, no video, installed wrong iso???help

    I can hear the menu, and the wiimotes work, It has been dead for awhile, I last remember trying to get punchout to work, I was getting the 003 error and I installed an iso to get it to work, didn't bother it at first, was able to play, then the video became intermittent on boot, until few days later it began playing blind!!!! Thanks in advance for any help!

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    If your using component, try composite. If your using composite, try component cables.
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    I Will go and grab a rbg cable, anything else I can try? It may have updated, many people use it, could I get to it thru network, or maybe with a boot disc??

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    Yeah do as Maui says your av encoder may be screwed. I bought a boot 2 wii like this just had to use component cables because composites wouldn't work.


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