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Thread: Hypothetical backup question (multi-platforms)

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    Hypothetical backup question (multi-platforms)

    Okay so i had a thought last night and just wanted to get your guys opinions on it. I know downloading is piracy, but making a back up is legal if you have a retail copy. Now lets say i had a title that was released on Xbox360 and say my friend had the same title, but for the Wii. If i were to back up that title on my Wii would it still be Piracy? I mean i do own the title, it is just an Xbox release...Please keep in mind this is strictly hypothetical

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    dude, seriously, if you do not own the game for the console in question, it is piracy..

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    Hmm, yes. It's still piracy.

    You can download games as long as you own the original for that same console


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