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Thread: No (DVD) backup launchers work?

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    Question No (DVD) backup launchers work?

    So, I installed an cIOS to play Black Ops. If I recall well, it was cIOS249 v19 (Base IOS57 v5661).

    Now, last night I played it for an hour or so. Today, I woke up and felt like playing Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City (City Folk), but a message on the screen says:

    The Disc could not be read.
    Please refer to the Wii Operations Manual for details.
    This happens both with Backup Launcher 0.3gamma and with NeoGamma v9 beta 49.
    NOTE: Both CoD: Black Ops and AC: City Folk are backups.

    Here's a SysCheck (I don't know too much about IOS or cIOS, so it doesn't help me...)
    And here's the wad of the IOS I installed yesterday:
    cIOS249 v19 (Base IOS57 v5661).wad

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    follow the soft mod and wii guide on this site will get it all back up and runnin
    500gig seagate wbsf (to lazy to change)


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