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Thread: Hacking Wii save files

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    Hacking Wii save files

    Does anyone have experience hacking Wii save files? I dumped a NTSC-U Harvest Moon: ToT save file using Waninkoko's Save Extractor and have been messing around with it using a hex editor with absolutely no success.

    I'm trying to increase my character's money, and I have dumped two save files with different amounts of money to compare. I checked the hex value with the specific amounts of money and thought I'd found it, but no matter what changes I made, I got "save file is corrupt" when trying to load it in-game. Does anyone have any tips? If anyone's up for it, I can easily post the save files I have right now if someone wants to try to help me out. =)

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    I checked the WiiRD code database beforehand and unfortunately there are no codes for NTSC Harvest Moon. =/

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    check the site, you can request at the least

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    I checked the forums and found what I needed! Thank you. =)


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