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Thread: DVD drive not working new to hack pleasee help

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    DVD drive not working new to hack pleasee help

    Ok so i dropped by accident my wii and now i cant load games because i think something about the DVD drive broke, only can play the wiiware i have, for a while i been tempted to hack my wii but didn't have the guts, but now i do, so by that i landed here, how can i hack my wii and put the homebrew channel and play games from a hdd drive it , i have 4.3U and dont have any saves from smash bros, indiana jones or pirates, and i see that the bannerbomb exploit only works on version 4.2 and older, helppp what can i do pleasee

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    you need 1 of the listed games in the guide if your dvd drives is broken then you need to fix or replace it to do the softmod
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