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Thread: Corrupted files, sometimes

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    Corrupted files, sometimes

    My wii has been softmodded for awhile, and I haven't recently messed with it. Last week, I was using wiimc, then I tried to play a game and got the "system files corrupt" screen.

    Since then, my wii will only work sometimes, and only if I remove the sd card and game disc. I USB load homebrew. What can I do to fix this?

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    Do you have bootmii as boot2?
    Do you have priiloader/preloader?
    What's your System menu version?

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    First ensure you have a bootmii nandbackup from this wii somewhere safe. If you don't have one, make one now.

    System files are corrupt at boot = reinstall system ios, system menu, and priiloader


    system boots to health screen, then give system files are corrupt after pressing A = 1- ensure priiloader is installed, 2- backup any important savegames, 3- format system from the wii settings, 4- reinstall HBC via priiloader and any other channels you lost, play and restore important savegames. OR try the mail brick fix.
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