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Thread: Little problem here... ^^;

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    Little problem here... ^^;

    Heya. I'm using Configurable USB Loader. It has always worked up until this point and still LOADS, but whenever I do load it, the Wiimote will not work anymore and completely loses sync. There is a little something you should know, though. I'm trying to make a small guide for my cousin who wants to softmod his own wii at the bare minimum. So, I started going through the steps I went through when I softmodded my own Wii at 4.3U. I used the Smash Stack method, however, I no longer own Brawl. ;_; The only things I installed on my wii was HBC 0.8, I used IOS236 Installer and the cIOS installer that apparently used IOS236 to install IOS56 v5661 in slot IOS248 and IOS57 v5918 into slot IOS247. I don't really get all that stuff, but I've done this once before and this is the exact method I used to install the USB loader. But now, there's problems with the wiimote connection in Configurable USB loader after my second time through. I figured that it wouldn't hurt to just reinstall everything in their same positions as I went through and tested everything out. Any suggestions? My wii isn't, like, bricked or anything. I just need to get the wiimote to work.

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    I am no expert on wiimote problems, but it seems you followed a guide which is not from this site, which might not have been up to date. I recommend following the softmod any wii guide from my signature. If that doesn't solve the problem, try another loader.
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    Wow thanks for the reply; I really appreciate it. However, I highly doubt that the problem is that the tut I used is out of date because whether up to date or not, it HAS worked before. I followed GAF's wii softmod tutorial. It's a whole website so you can google it. I will take your reply into consideration and give it a try anyway. Thank you and i will let you know if it works.

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