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Thread: Games Doesnt Work OS 3.3e

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    Games Doesnt Work OS 3.3e

    Hi There

    I have Wii OS 3.3e
    I Installed Twilight hack Threw Zelda Game
    After it i installed HomeBrew Channel
    And then Wad Manager 1.5, Neogama r8 rc6, Usbloader 1.5
    The games still doesn't work
    Someone told me to install cios
    And now the Neogama give me error that cios has revison 4 and the best capability is revision 17...
    So i searched for cios rev 21
    And i installed threw wad manager "IOS36-64-v3607.wad".
    Still same error
    I'm using WBFS MANAGER 3.0 and trying to load Pal Games like my Wii
    What should i do?

    Thank you for advance

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    Follow Mauifrog's Softmod ANY Wii, sounds like you're a bit confused. Everything should work after.

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    yeah im sorry im little bit comfused
    after i try all this stuff
    can you send me link to Mauifrog's Softmod ?

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    Click the "Useful Links" spoiler in my signature, and you will find the softmod any wii guide there!


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