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Thread: What firmware do i have ?

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    What firmware do i have ?

    How can i get my firmware info from my wii ?

    Also my finger pointer seems to be vwery jumpy when using wii remote controller is this normal ? my sensor bar is right on top of my tv to the front edge in plain view ???

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    wii > settings > top right

    just adjust the senseativity

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    is it sunny

    infared light is used & the sun has infared rays so it can disrupt your wireless connection to your wiimote or your to close or to far from the tv

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    also make sure your sensor bar's configuration is set for "top" in the settings menu.

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    Thanks..firmware v3.1 , this box is new but old ... manu'd in 2006...D2C .
    The sensor seems to work better since i ripped the wii apart and reassembled it, coulda been just the plug !


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