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Thread: YaWMM DE rev4

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    YaWMM DE rev4

    This is a modification of the German YaWMM. A great advantage of YaWMM support the installation of several wads is the same time.

    YaWMM stands for Y et A nother W AD M anager M od and is a modification of Waninkokos WAD Manager.The YaWMM DE is a modification of the German YaWMM r25 with some new features.

    In this version, now with activated HW_AHBPROT keys.bin exported to the SD card if they do not yet exist. In addition, when detecting an error causes the system menu region no longer forced to abort but to a warning, but it can be skipped.

    Rev4 changelog:
    * Compiled with libOGC r4848 to be compatible with the new WiiMote+ controllers. (RVL-CNT-01-TR)

    YaWMM DE rev4
    Source- wii-homebrew

    Sorry for the bad translation
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