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Thread: D2Pro9 Canadamods - Having Problems

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    D2Pro9 Canadamods - Having Problems

    Hello All,

    I had recently purchased a D2Pro9 Mod Chip along with the Wii Clip from Candamods. This was my first mod to a Wii but have done many previous gen systems yet always liked the solderless versions out there.

    Installed my chip as per instructions and put it back together and everything worked great.

    Problem came when I rave to a friend and my sister how much I liked it. They each ordered from CanadaMods, one the version for my sisters D2B cut pin Wii and my buddy got his for the D2E. Each of them ordered the correct mod chips and had me install them. Upon install I have the same result, solid red light on the chip and the drive does not want to work. Fiddled some more with it and the drive works but will not read backups.

    I tried to call CanadaMods but cannot get through. Does anyone know the best method to try to get help with them? I will send an e-mail right now and see what I hear back.

    Any thoughts you might have would be GREATLY appreciated. I can get pics if needed.

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    I am sure that they are busy. They will get back to you soon i am sure.

    If your pins arent bent, are you sure that the clip is fully seated? I thought mine was and it turns out that i was not pressing hard enough and it was not seated evenly on every side. Once i did that all worked fine.

    If it is solid red then it is not installed correctly. You need to see red, then blue.

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    I'm sure you got in touch with them already.. but I've always been successful messaging them on here... You probably are having the same issue i had.. but I was having an issue with the d2e.. d2b was no problem at all.. talk to Al if you haven't already.. he'll get you sorted..

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    Just to add in my 2 cents ... canadamods is HORRIBLE at customer service and support. It looks like you were ignored like I was.

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    how did you try contacting them? As I said PM'ing on the forum is the best. Calling is not the best option..

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    I would get replies sometimes, but just stuff like "I'll send you the pics" or just chat back and forth. Nothing really helpful. And I PM'ed him, emailed him and tried to get his attention on this forum. I will try to PM again.

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    Hey Propho,

    Thanks for the tip... No, still not sorted out. STILL no response from them. I just left a message on Al's cell phone as listed on CanadaMods website and offered 48 hours to return my call or I am just issuing chargebacks through MasterCard. There service thus far SUCKS. I know many of you love them,and I did to hence ordering 2 more chips... after these two don't work I am not feeling the love anymore.

    I am a very easy going customer and know the nature of the modchip biz so I am trying to be patient but I won't be screwed.

    Thanks to all of you for chiming in on the subject as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LakersFan View Post
    I would get replies sometimes, but just stuff like "I'll send you the pics" or just chat back and forth. Nothing really helpful. And I PM'ed him, emailed him and tried to get his attention on this forum. I will try to PM again.
    You were likely asking during a very busy time, and if its a chip/clip problem (and the majority of those problems are end user) then its possibly why there was a delay on my part to help with that. Send me a PM with that information and I can try to help out but really the sure method is to replace the clips if you didnt do the install correct the first time.

    PM me your email so I can have someone check it maybe you're just being filtered as spam, if its tech support you need then PM me for help.
    Send me a PM if you need any support

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    Yep. For the record, as soon as I PM'ed Spyman after my post above, he replied and offered to get my RMA started. I since had fixed my eject issue on my own (not anything due to the fault of Canadamods), so everything is working well.

    I blame the problems I had not on Canadamods or Al, but on the crappyness of the Wii-Clip. However the frustration was taken out on CM because they were initially slow (to absent) to respond to my problems.

    Take it for what it's worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limp360 View Post
    Canadamods (specifically AL) is a douche bag. Rip off. Ordered 10 d2pro solderless and received soldered d2pro . No respose toemails or phone calls(because they received money) no need to responde right *i*khead. Dont order from them rip u off
    Are the soldered as you said or do they need soldered? Maybe you bought clips which have the chips soldered on them. Your post is confusing.
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