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Thread: Improving My Picture - Wii Cables - Component Video Cable vs. RGB Scart

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    Improving My Picture - Wii Cables - Component Video Cable vs. RGB Scart

    Hi guys I searched and couldn't find any discussion on here about this so I was wondering if:

    1) It's worth buying one of there. I just got my Wii and feel the picture doesn't really seem too sharp or stunning on my Sony LCD TV but will these make much difference? I'm talking a significant difference really not something only noticeable to a video editing pro.

    2) It's it worth going official - nintendo's prices are significantly steeper than others but are they really any better

    3) Which is the best Component or RGB scart for picture quality and/or sound. What are the advantages or disadvantages of each - or are they pretty much the same?

    Look forward to hearing your comments,

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    Component is about the best you can get as for the Wii only puts out 480p at the highest. I did see at priceangels in the Wii stuff a component to hdmi device. Might go there and check it out.

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    Thanks for the reply. Am I to take it everyone else agrees/doesn't care Just to check backups either in iso (around 4GB) or wbfs aren't any lower quality than the original games are they? Was expecting much better picture even with the bundled cable. Am sure my xbox 360 using the same type of non hd cable is much better - but then my xbox 360 has no picture now as it is broken - they are a big heap of badly designed junk!

    Just saw this
    Looks similar to the thing you suggested - how likely is it to work? Is the wii console and wii games capable of HD if it had the right port?
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    Nope, 480p is it! The Wii U will be all HD when it comes out.

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