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Thread: Mod Chip Installer In Vancouver

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    Mod Chip Installer In Vancouver

    Looking for a mod chip installer in Vancouver.

    Please reply or PM!


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    PM Sent!.

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    Smile Wii Mod in Vancouver Also want to know.

    HI, I'm also interested in knowing where to get a wiikey installed vancouver?

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    Send a PM to 'ModderMan' he will take care of you.


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    Thumbs up Wii Mod Chip Vancouver ..... thank you... Fatal

    I'm humbled....

    abit about....

    FYI... We DOUBLE the manufacturers warranty on the modchips ..and also give a lifetime warranty on workmanship to the original owner (although tampering by others will void it).

    We are 1 of only 8 authorized officially modshops by the top chip manufacturers in N.A ( the only one in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest)

    On-going support pretty well anytime...fastest by phone(until midnight), MSN Live Chat, or email(slow)

    only carry the newest top modchips that are rock solid and stable....

    Full inventory of replacement parts...moddable dvd drives, dvd drive boards, pre modded dvd drive boards, mobo's, cases, pretty well everything.

    On-going support to all my customers in the form of email, chat, phone and "Our Official Support Forum".

    about myself...been an electronic's technician for over 30 years...specializing in SMT for the last 10 years.(Surface Mount Technology ...same tech used in the Wii s)

    Been serving my biz and residential customers for decades...and am always around for all my customers.

    Any questions you may have can be posted here on the forum...and we will answer them for you.

    It seems that this community is quickly becoming the place to be.. ....Here topics are well organized , easy to find.....

    >>EDIT: November 19/09

    • OUR Wiihacks Family IS now THE PLACE TO BE......


    Click below for Local (Greater Vancouver Area)
    Greater Vancouver Wii Mods & Repairs Specialist
    Click below for Out of Town (Non-Local)
    Global Wii Mods & Repairs Specialist

    I am happy to take care of all your modding and repair needs
    and of course.... Satisfaction is guaranteed....

    * You're in Good Hands with Modderman *
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