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Thread: Disc Read Error but its not the discs

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    Disc Read Error but its not the discs

    I just installed a wiikey 2 on my friends wii. I had one of the pads lift off so I had to solder on to the ic leg. Other than the pad lifting the install went great and all the points are solid.

    Some of my backups work on his system and some try to spin up and give disc read error.

    I figured it could be my media (verbatim) because I just did a firmware upgrade on my dvd burner but when I put the back up into my own wii the game works fine.

    I am very confused here? My friend is running 3.1U and all other systems I have done were 3.3 or higher. Does that have anything to do with it?

    Could it be something about the install? If it is why are some discs read fine!!!??? The same ones always are read too its not like the error is random.

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    update to 3.2 *with wii update manager and a ISO its idiot proof*
    then install Cios 37, then with wad manager isntall IOS 51, 38, 53, and 55

    and it should be fixed

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    Ok I will try that right away.

    Just from experience this doesn't seem to be an install issue? I mean some games work and the ones that work always work so I am assuming the install is fine.

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    Allright so now it stopped giving me an error and it just won't read the disc. Sometimes gives me an error.

    Where should I start with my install.

    checking the ground and power???

    Any suggestions. I know that I soldered the ic leg really well.

    K I just tried one more time and it read the game then gave an error. could it just be the laser??

    Would this happen with an install. Why is it sometimes reading the game and sometimes not and giving me different errors. Very confused?
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    K well it seems that it was a media issue the entire time. This doesn't make much sense since the games still load in my other wii. I did open up the wii and add a bit more solder to my ground point but I don't think it did anything.

    I think it has something to do with the wii havinga sensitive laser. Would this make sense to someone?

    Also. I installed homebrew and downgraded to version 3.2u. What program do I use to load newer games that will require an update? Or will this ever happen?

    I am new to homebrew now and I am going to install it into my wii tomorrow.

    also, I installed ios 51 and 38 but where do I get 53 and 55 from?

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    Does it make sense that some wiis are extremely picky on accepting media. Me and my friend played mario kart all day on his wii with my back up but it would not accept any more of my back ups (I am an idiot and updated the firmare of my drive so now I get worse burns)

    I was wondering if it is normal for a backup to work in my wii and not his based on a weaker laser or something?

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    theres not a lot of logic in wiis

    some games are fixed by removing GC stuff
    others just accept 1 settings

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    What do you mean by removing GC stuff.

    What do you guys tell a customer if this happens??

    Luckily it is for my friend and I am not really going to charge him for it but I would be choked if this happened to me from somebody I don't know.

    I mean I guess the original games work fine but what would you guys tell someone?

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    usually if i can look at it i can fix it, there is just never the right detail mentioned, and stuff like controller, and memory card

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    Ya i have all of that removed and it is till picky as hell. Is there anything I can do? I allready cleaned the laser and double checked my install but it can't be that because it allready works for some back ups.

    Is there any chance it is an install issue? Remember I did lift a pad and soldered right on to the leg.

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