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Thread: Strange issue with HBC and a HBC browser dl'd game and Mighty Channel 1.7 issue.

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    Strange issue with HBC and a HBC browser dl'd game and Mighty Channel 1.7 issue.

    I am a relative noob, have searched for this problem to no avail.

    I followed the Softmod Any Wii guide for the 4.3U and have very successfully modded 2 Wii's. Thanks for the hard work!

    I found the Wii Shooting Gallery on the HBC browser and dl'd it and it installed on my SD card (2gig SD), I also installed Mighty Channels 1.7.

    Now I want to move all the SC card stuff to my usb drive so I can run without the card, so I moved all of the files and everything works except Wii Shooting Gallery, it works from HBC loading SD, but not USB. When I try to load from the USB drive it locks up the Wii at a black screen, requires pulling power to get the console back.

    Any ideas?

    Second issue is with Might Channels. The Wii I am working with had bought and paid for Dr. Mario Rx Online installed and my other Wii had bought and paid for Frogger. I installed Might Channels 1.7 and used the showmiiwad method of extracting the games and to install the games into the e-nand. The console with Dr. Mario will run Dr. Mario fine from the e-nand but will not run Frogger and the other console is just the opposite. So, do I have to put the extracted wads on the drive along with importing them into the e-nand? I did not get that impression, but maybe I am really missing something here. When I try to start Frogger the text box appears and a bunch of stuff flys by and then I get the screen that appears when you leave a game that gives the buttons to return to the Wii menu, help and one other that I do not remember. It appears just to never find the game.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Matt

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    I'm not sure how to fix ur problem, but I wanted to tell u, to hold the power button down to turn off ur wii when it locks up. I've heard it's bad to just unplug it.

    did u follow the mighty channel guide, maybe ask in that thread.

    As for Wii Shooting Gallery, try deleting and downloading again.


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