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Thread: Old DS Lite - Some cards but not sure if all that needed.

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    Old DS Lite - Some cards but not sure if all that needed.

    So had a DS Lite that had sittin about. Remember gettin games on the SD card previously to play on it but can't remember for the life of me what all I had for it. Aint been touched in years.
    Currently have DS Linker 16G for NDS & NDSL that slots in the game slot 1, and Super Card SD (it has the SD slot for the memory card). Other than these 2 items, aint got no cables or anything.

    Anywhere look seems to be new cards etc, with SD card on the thing that goes in slot 1. Don't wanna be buyin more accessories for it for it if have all stuff here but do needa getta charger if worth tryin

    Pic of what currently have >

    So yeah, do I have all that would be needed and would it need a FW update or sumfin probably and would it be doable with what I got. Was hopin to maybe connect it to wii but not sure if theres many compatible stuff.

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    Actually , found another DS linker bit so can copy stuff over. Seems their site aint been updated since 2008 though and their forum seems to be down so not sure if gonna get much further now


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