Hi to all,

since 3 weeks my 2 kids can play with their Wii. I bought it with the standard Wii Sports. Before use Drummel.nl - Voor de ombouw van al uw consoles! built in a D2Pro chip. It works great.
They gave me printed instuctions on how to make backups of games. They also told me how to download.
I use uTorrent for downloading, speed so far up to 250 kbit/s, not bad i think.
I only download PAL games in ISO format, that works for me.
WinRar opens the package. ImgBurn burns the games on to a DVD.
The brand is Platinum DVD+R. I read something about 'booktype' but i don't understand it so the booktype is as it is, i did not change it.
The burn sped i use is 4X.
So far i downloaded these games:
Family Ski
Big Beach Sports
Ford Off Road Racing
Petz Hotel
Mario Kart
Kawasaki Jet Ski
Kawasaki Snow Scooter
London Taxi Rush Hour
The Blob
Dream Pinball
So far for me no troubles burning Wii games.