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Thread: savegame manager gx problem

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    savegame manager gx problem

    When I go into savegame manager gx on homebrew, it runs fine and I believe I have everything I need downloaded, including ios249. But when I go to extract a game from the wii onto my sd card, it says "unable to setUID". I do not know why this is happening. Is there some particular folder I need to set up on the sd card or something? Its so irritating that I can't figure out what to do.

    Also, on the flipside, any .rar files I have on my sd card that I wish to put onto the system, don't seem like they are even able to be placed onto the wii. There is no icon or anything like that. its just some folders and files that can be clicked on, but don't give the option to "extract". This program is confusing me too much. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I just tried to download the newest version (R105), and it said the domain could not be found. I don't know if that provides any more information or not, but I'd appreciate and help I can get at this point.
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